A Short Film

in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

The first notes I made after I had the idea for Genesis in the early hours of the morning some time ago…


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The Big Bang

'Genesis', like most films, started off as a simple spark of an idea. We wanted to create a light-hearted take about God's struggles in creating the universe. The concept is so incredibly abstract that making the idea into a workable film was a lot more difficult than we first realised.

The main reason is because the creation of the universe is an awfully hard topic to cover in 200 seconds (it really is only that much!), but by keeping the story short and sweet we hoped the film seemed spectacular without appearing absurd.

But making ‘Genesis’ was only half the story, as with the competition deadline today we can now start showing the film off to everyone.

A film always has two lives, the making and the showing. Seeing ‘Genesis’ up on the  Virgin Media Shorts website, and then shared over the internet on sites like Facebook and Twitter is a great relief after months of hard work from the dedicated cast, crew, and other helpers whom without their help the film wouldn’t have been possible.

We’d love to know what you think of ‘Genesis’, so please let us know, and if you liked the film, don’t forget to share it with others.

We’ll be updating the site regularly with info, photos, anecdotes and all other sorts of tidbits related to the film. Watch this space…

Written by Alfred Joyner

Director | Jonny Ruff

Jonny’s Tumblr

Director of Photography | Daniel Goodall

Daniel’s Website

Producer | Alfred Joyner

Alfred’s blog: TV Avalanche

Gaffer | Jonny Dew

Assistant Camera | Joseph Pinhorne

Joseph’s Blogspot

Assistant Director | Jamie Sims

Jamie’s Tumblr

Art Direction | Hannah Hood & Lee Summers

Hannah’s Website

Lee Summers

Sound Recording & Design | Aidan Chase

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Online Editor & Visual Effects | Dan Ruiz

Dan’s Tumblr

Original Score | Sean Ryan

Sean’s Sound Cloud